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The mission of Madison Craft Beer Week (MCBW) is to promote Madison’s thriving craft beer culture and serve as a showcase for Madison-area breweries, restaurants, pubs, caterers, retailers, entertainers, and other businesses with ties to the craft beer community. MCBW events enhance beer knowledge and appreciation during a county-wide 10-day festival that attracts beer tourism from all over the Midwest and fosters knowledge of our regional brewing heritage.

MCBW runs from Friday, May 1 through Sunday, May 10, 2015 and features a wide variety of events highlighting Dane County’s vibrant craft beer culture. Craft beer lovers will have the opportunity to attend events ranging from beer dinners and food pairings to beer walks, bar promotions, brewery parties and plenty more.

Madison Craft Beer Week, LLC is the central hub for activity planning, coordination and communication for Madison Craft Beer Week. Participating businesses are responsible for planning, hosting and sponsoring their own events. We encourage creativity! You can look at the craft beer week websites for other cities for event ideas as well!


Event, ad, and sponsorship submissions in the official guide and other printed promotional materials are due by March 10, 2015; event submissions for the website can be uploaded at any time prior to May 1, 2015.


Registration Fee

We ask that each venue pay a per‐venue (not per-event) registration fee of $100. The registration fee covers administrative, design, printing, marketing, and distribution costs. Additionally, your registration fee purchases your license to use Madison Craft Beer Week designs, trademarks, and logos until the end of the current Madison Craft Beer Week. Once your event(s) is submitted and paid, MCBW, LLC will provide promotional materials for you to market your event, including access to high-resolution and low-resolution images, posters, and event guides.

Trademarks and Licenses

Madison Craft Beer Week and its logos are registered trademarks of Madison Craft Beer Week, LLC. Upon payment of your registration fee, you are licensed to advertise your events as part of Madison Craft Beer Week and to use the Madison Craft Beer Week logos, trademarks, and materials provided to you to advertise your event(s) for the current Madison Craft Beer Week. Without payment you are not licensed or permitted to use the trademarks, logos, or designs of Madison Craft Beer Week to promote your event. You may not use Madison Craft Beer Week trademarks, logos, or designs, including the name "MADISON CRAFT BEER WEEK" in any manner that is not approved in writing by Madison Craft Beer Week, LLC.

MCBW Official Guide

The Madison Craft Beer Week Official Guide features day‐by‐day event and sponsor listings, along with advertising and other beer‐related content. In addition to providing a guide to Madison Craft Beer Week, the Official Guide and accompanying website will be used year‐round as a directory and resource for people looking for good beer in Madison and the surrounding area.

Friday Fish Fry

There are two Friday evenings during Madison Craft Beer Week and we look forward to bringing the joy of craft beer to the fish fry scene in greater Dane County. In lieu of a registration fee (typically $100), we ask only that fish fry registrants commit to taking offline at least one macro beer tap (Miller, Bud, Coors, etc.) and putting on one craft beer tap in its place. In exchange, we will give the fish fry registrant all of the benefits of registering and participating in Madison Craft Beer Week. This applies only to venues registering ONLY their fish fry: if a venue plans events in addition to a fish fry, the $100 registration fee still applies.


Madison Craft Beer Week’s Official Guide features day-by-day event and sponsor listings, along with advertising and other beer-related content.

Quarter Page Ad $250
Half Page Ad $500
Full Page Ad* $750
Sponsorship ad upgrades are available for $250.

2015 Ad Specs are available here (pdf). You are responsible for designing your own ad. When your ad is ready, please upload it to our dropbox here. [note: the upload will require an access code that is provided in the Ad Spec PDF]

We are currently seeking sponsors for Madison Craft Beer Week 2015. Sponsorship levels are listed below. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, or how your business can support Madison Craft Beer Week through in‐kind donations and advertising, please contact us at

limit 2
limit 10
Schedule Official MCBW Events x X X X
Use MCBW Trademarks and Logos x X X X
Order and Serve Common Thread Collaboration Beer x X X X
Register Multiple Locations x X X  
Official Guide        
Full Event Descriptions
(Venues and Breweries only)
x X X  
Events Highlighted Bold Yes    
Advertisement (1-color) Full Page Half Page Quarter Page  
Website and Social Media        
Full Event Descriptions x X X X
Linked Logo on Website Banner X X    
Linked Logo in Sponsor Directory X X X  
Logo on Mobile App X      
Sponsor Tweets 5 3 1  
Sponsor Facebook Posts 5 3 1  
Event Presence        
Logo on Posters x X    
Linked Listing in Sponsor Directory Logo Logo X  
Mention in All Press Releases X X    
Mention in All MCBW Advertising X X    
Cask Ale Festival        
Logo on Signage Prominent X    
Host a Table/Booth X      
Public Sponsorship Thanks X X X  
Complimentary Tickets 6 4    
Media Sponsor

In exchange for in‐kind advertising, media sponsors will receive Silver level sponsorship, as well as a table at MCBW’s Cask Ale Festival.

How to Register

Step 1 If you had an account last year, please log in using that account (you will be able to reset your password if you don't remember it; if you need additional assistance figuring your account out, please contact Madison Craft Beer Week); if you are new to Madison Craft Beer Week, you can create a new account.
Step 2. Pay for your registration fee, including any sponsorships, ads, or additional features.
Step 2.5 Once you have paid, Madison Craft Beer Week will activate or create your venue profile page; this should happen fairly quickly after you register, if it does not happen quickly enough, please contact Madison Craft Beer Week.
Step 3 Once your venue is active you will be able to create your events, and add any features you may have purchased (you may also notice that these items are now available to you in the main menu under "Host Events."