Common Thread

What is Common Thread?

Common Thread is a collaboration brew made just for Madison Craft Beer Week. It is a celebration of Wisconsin brewing.
This year, we've got a new host brewery in Wisconsin Brewing Company, and we've brought additional Wisconsin craft breweries into the fold. We're taking on the Bohemian Pilsner style, with a new group-effort recipe featuring input from many of the best local brewers. One of the biggest challenges in a collaboration batch of this size is freeing up production space/ tank time, and in the case of Kirby Nelson's new brewery, this year's Common Thread brew schedule was determined by the delivery and installation of a new fermentor tank farm. I apologize for the late notice of this invitation! We'll be brewing this Saturday 3-15-14. If you haven't visited yet, WBC is a marvel of technology and automation, so little will be needed in the way of physical brewing assistance. The assembly of brewers on hand may be largely ceremonial. As in years past, we're looking forward to debuting Common Thread 2014 to help kick off Madison Craft Beer Week.

Common Thread Styles

Each year sees a new style for the Common Thread 2012: California Common ("Steam Beer") 2013: Biere de Garde 2014: Bohemian Pilsner